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Mini Hanging Sunflower Fairy


Bring a touch of magic to your home with this adorable mini hanging Sunflower Fairy!

This little fairy is perfect for adding a whimsical touch to any room. Her bright yellow sunflower skirt and blonde hair are sure to brighten your day, and her posable limbs allow you to position her in any way you like. Each fairy is unique, with her own charm and personality shining through.

This petite fairy is perfect for:
­čî╗Hanging in a sunny window, bringing a smile to your face every time you see it.
­čî╗Creating a whimsical centrepiece for a child's room or play space.
­čî╗Offering as a unique and heartfelt gift to a nature lover or fairy enthusiast.

More than just a decoration, this fairy is a symbol of:
­čî╗Joy and optimism: Its bright colours and sunny disposition encourage a positive outlook.
­čî╗Connection with nature: It inspires appreciation for the beauty of the natural world.
­čî╗Creativity and imagination: It sparks wonder and encourages storytelling.

Product Details:
­čî╗Size: 6cm tall

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