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Design Your Own Book Fairy | Mini


These delightful fairies are handmade with love and can be completely customised. Choose from a variety of top colours, hair colours and styles, and book page for the skirt to create a fairy that is truly one-of-a-kind.
Mini fairies come with transparent thread attached so you can easily hang them up around your home, while medium fairies come with a wooden moss covered base so they can stand on their own making charming additions to shelves, tables, or desks. Both sizes are made with flexible wire that allows you to pose their arms and legs for an extra touch of personality.

Here's how to create your own Bespoke Wired Fairy:
1. Choose your hair colour, hair style & top colour
2. Add to cart
3. At checkout, click on "message to the merchant" and type in desired book title & author. You can also add the page number you wish to be used as the skirt.

Medium size: https://whimsicalfairies.com/product/design-your-own-book-fairy-medium-1
For any queries, contact amy@whimsicalfairies.com

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