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Mini Lilac and Sage Hanging Fairy


This enchanting fairy, handcrafted with love, is adorned with delicate lilac and sage green details, whispering of springtime gardens and magical meadows. Perfect for hanging in a sunny window, doorway, or anywhere you need a sprinkle of fairy dust, she's sure to capture hearts and imaginations.

This whimsical creation, lovingly crafted by hand, features a petite fairy adorned with delicate lilac wings, a soft sage green petal skirt and delicate forest green leaf wings. Imagine her dancing in a sunbeam, bringing a touch of magic to your home

Hang her by a sunny window to catch the light, or let her grace a doorway to welcome guests with a sprinkle of fairy dust. She's also perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to a nursery or porch.

This little fairy is approximately 6cm tall and hangs from a clear thread.

Bring a smile to someone's face (or your own!) with this unique and delightful handmade treasure.

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