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Design Your Own Bespoke Fairy


Capture the magic of fairy tales with our enchanting Design Your Own Flower Fairy. Handcrafted with love and imagination, this delightful creature is ready to be brought to life by your unique touch. Every fairy has their own personalities and is fully posable.

Unleash Your Inner Fairy Godmother:
1. Hair: Choose your fairies hair colour, from sunny blonde to moonlight silver, fiery red to mystical purple. Style her locks in a sleek braid, or a whimsical bun
2. Outfit: Design her charming attire by selecting a top in your favourite colour.
3. Skirt: Let her twirl in a skirt crafted from nature's finest blooms. Imagine her adorned in a skirt of delicate rose petals, playful daisies, or even something a little more unusual like the Bells of Ireland. Each flower type comes in a variety of colours to match your vision. Please specify flower colour and type at checkout in the "Message for Merchant" box.

Alternatively, fill out our bespoke request form: https://forms.gle/iq9rkLD5X7N4w58J9

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