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Dusty Pink Dahlia Fairy


This enchanting fairy lights up any space with her magical charm. Crafted with a bendable wire frame, you can position her for flight, pose her arms for a playful greeting, or let her stand gracefully.

Here's what makes her special:
- Vivid Features: Cascading red hair, intricately plaited, adds a touch of fiery spirit. A light green top and a dusty pink dahlia flower skirt create a whimsical, nature-inspired look.
- Fluttery Friend: A delicate little butterfly companion adds a touch of whimsy and completes her enchanting aura.
- Versatile Display: Bend her wire frame to create a delightful display on a shelf, hang her from a branch, or use her to adorn a floral arrangement.

This posable fairy is perfect for:
- Children's rooms and nurseries décor
- Party decorations and whimsical centrepieces
- Gifts for the young and young-at-heart

Bring a touch of magic and wonder to your home with this enchanting posable fairy!

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